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PIMP/Chris Trump-Street HustlaPIMP/Chris Trump-Street Hustla

Demon JamesDemon James

Melo MacMelo Mac

Dock GDock G

Lil CLil C

T HoodT Hood

OJ Da JuiceManOJ Da JuiceMan

Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff Writes Obama

Lil DeckLil Deck

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Nonstop West Coast/DirtySouth When submitted, here is what you get:

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  • Be heard by thousands of listeners and website visitors in 50+ States and outside Countries
  • Possible inclusion on some of the Nonstop Rap Radio West Coast/DirtySouth shows,

Nonstop Rap Radio West Coast/DirtySouth can provide a venue / outlet for buzzing local and regional artists so that their music can be heard by the general public.

Nonstop Rap Radio West Coast/DirtySouthProgrammers: Play these songs FREE!
Nonstop Rap Radio West Coast/DirtySouth offers music to your radio station.
 BMI, SESAC, ASCAP ,SoundExchange We Are A Legal Streaming Station

Nonstop Rap Radio is a powerful promotional tool for all artists; here’s why:
# 1 Exposure (the smart kind)
Nonstop Rap Radio plays your music to a very large and real audience – our online radio stations have thousands listeners – and you decide who hears your music. If your music is Rap, you get played to people who like rap. We also have listeners in all states or countries. In a nutshell, you get exposure to the people who are most likely to become your fans.

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When your songs are playing on Nonstop Rap Radio West Coast/DirtySouth, the listener is encouraged to interact, which is a great way to make new fans. You build real connections with people that you can communicate with. You can inform them about an upcoming gig, or a new album you just dropped. Or, add your new fans to your existing mailing lists.

Read Submission Terms Below Before Submitting Music 

(Nonstop Rap Radio Artist/Music Submission Agreement)


90 Days Long Promotion Package Only $25.

"Fast Play" MP3 Songs Submission Form "Fast Play"

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By submitting your songs to Nonstop Rap Radio WestCoast/DirtySouth we guarantee your song will be played within a Hour. When submitting songs for Fast Play, you may send 1 of your best songs and By submitting your songs allows us to uplaod your song to our download page