For over 30 years, the Natural Herb Cental has been helping to educate the world about herbs. We offer solid science and informed opinion in cure of the most deadly disease

Self-care is the key to better health, and self-education is key to self-care.

We are dedicated to the safe, effective use of herbs and other natural products
for health promotion and natural healing.

we also have the herbal curse products for the disease which are now helping people world wild now

1. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

2. HERPES 1/2

3. Parkinsons

4. ALS (lou Gehrigs disease)

5. Herpatitis B

6. Emphysema

7. chronic pancreatitis


9. Asthma

10. Acute angle-closure Glaucoma

We are located in pritchard and Rissik St, Gauteng, 2001, South Africa, Johannesburg

email us on ,Call us! +27733822131 can also text us. WE CARE!!! We are OPEN…… EVERYDAY from 12 p.m. until 7 p.m. and WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!! We do have Workshops quite often, SO DO LOOK AND SEE WHAT IS UP NEXT!

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