Commercial On Air

Advertise your audio commercial with Nonstop Rap Radio and you will get a Full 30 days of audio advertising. Your Audio commercial will play no less than 5 times a day. You also get to choose when and what time you will like your commercial to be played. We have 30 second spots for only $115.00 and 60 second spots for only $150.00 spots available NOW. This promotion will be heard not only local like your local FM station, but it will be heard in over 50 states and over 50 countries. Why pay thousands of dollars to be heard locally when you can get more for your money. WORLD-WIDE. OHHH if you do not have the commercial on audio, we will produce it for you. No EXTRA COST.

30 Days Long On Air Advertising

Get Your Banner (ANY SIZE) For 1 Year & for (1 SET PRICE OF $95) Posted on Nonstop Rap Radio and also you can have you banner any where on the website that you like . Plus , you get more exposure for your product. We have over 100,000 page views and this will be a good and affordable Promotion for your product.

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