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“Your Song, Website Or
Event Deserves To Be Heard &
Seen By As Many People As Possible”

If you’re trying to promote anything, then you’ve come to the right place! You have finally connected with a system that is dedicated to those who love anything Rap including music, entertainment,  and news.

Looking for a way to get more out of your Ad budget, reach new customers and generate a buzz about with your Product/Event? We invite you to advertise with  Nonstop Rap Radio, Your official Rap station online and reach the core of your target audience.  With an audience expanding  around the world, our listeners love the station for the music we play and the fact we deliver the music they love to hear.

Whether they get us in their homes, online at work, on their IPhone, BlackBerry or Android-  Nonstop Rap Radio is an easy favorite of this on demand consumer generation.
As social media has become the standard in communication for millions no matter the age limit, it is changing the way we think about advertising.  Nonstop Rap Radio provides a platform for opening dialogue directly with millions of consumers that is unique in both its approach and effectiveness.

Our advertising products allow advertisers to reach the users they are looking to target, create segmented campaigns, interact with customers, generate dialogue and increase brand awareness. Brands can converse with the user in a relevant way without overwhelming them to create advertising that actually adds value.

Whether you’re launching a new product or building brand awareness, Nonstop Rap Radio offers a variety of innovative, high-impact advertising solutions.

It doesn’t matter what your are promoting or presenting to the public if you don’t get your offer out in front of thousands of people, then it’s hard to get the results you want.
They say word of mouth advertising works the best but how long would it take for you and your small circle of friends to get the word out to the masses? That long huh…
What if a couple hundred people spoke about your offer to their small circle of friends? You would now have a few hundred people all speaking about your offer via word of mouth to their own small circle of friends spreading the word about it.
That’s what massive advertising can help you do and the Rap Marketing Super Pack will get the word out to masses of people everyday for 30 days or more! It is something you must add to your marketing campaign budget.

Every Rap Marketing Promotion Need These 7 Crucial Elements

  • Your Promotion Needs To Be Seen Several Times Before People Can Connect With It…
  • Your Promotion Needs To Be Heard Several Times Before It Registers In A Person’s Mind…
  • Your Promotion Needs To Have A Clear And Straight To Point Message…
  • Your Promotion Needs To Grab A Person’s Attention…
  • Your Promotion Needs To Brand What You Are Promoting…
  • Your Promotion Must Have A Direct Call-To-Action…
  • Your Promotion Must Be In As Many Places As Possible For Maximum Exposure..

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On air Package:  Your advertisement airs 8 times per day! (30 Sec Max each). 

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Website Banner/Link Your Banner size starts at ( 728 x 90) (468×60) (300×250) (160×600) on  Under Ground Radio Music  Pages.  Also includes posting to our Social Media Pages, Facebook & Twitter

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