About Us

Welcome to Nonstop Rap Radio, DirtySouth/WestCoast. We play nothing but the Hottest/Newest Mixtape songs. Nonstop Rap Radio was founded in 2008. This station was developed to create a professional radio environment for independent rap artist who could not  get radio airplay. Broadcasting around the world 24/7, we started out playing nothing but HipHop Songs. We now play nothing but the Hottest, Newest Mixtapes/Rap Songs from our 5,000 song collection from artist around the world. Get your music heard by millions of listeners world wide who like rap music. Here at Nonstop Rap Radio we will keep you up on the latest news about your favorite Artist.

Why Do You Want Online Radio Play With Nonstop Rap Radio DirtySouth/WestCoast

Nonstop Rap Radio DirtySouth/WestCoast Play helps your music get heard and also helps us to continue broadcasting on an international level, it evens help you get more video views from and audience you thought you would never reach. It also helps you build a wider fan base. As an independent artist, Nonstop Rap Radio WestCoast/DirtySouth can make yourself more attractive to promoters, management, labels and more. And if you’re a new artist, you can use Nonstop Rap Radio WestCoast/DirtySouth to guide your way into new markets.

After your song is in rotation, Nonstop Rap Radio WestCoast/DirtySouth Also does interviews, (Live and Prerecorded) which is a good way to promote and speak about your song, album or tours, and with this tool a lot of ground can be covered not only local, but nationally.

Nonstop Rap Radio WestCoast/DirtySouth is broadcasting today because of generous support from our listener and corporate partners. Nonstop Rap Radio WestCoast/DirtySouth , is a Non-Profit business. We will never share or disclose any personal information gathered during contests, song requests, financial contributions, etc. with any other person or entity for any reason whatsoever. Nonstop Rap Radio WestCoast/DirtySouth will never solicit future donations from you via the telephone.  Our sole purpose in collecting your telephone number is in case we need to contact you regarding that very contribution.  Finally, Nonstop Rap Radio WestCoast/DirtySouth will not inundate you with constant postal or electronic mailings to solicit future donations.  Instead, Nonstop Rap Radio WestCoast/DirtySouth may send out an occasional electronic mailing in an attempt to keep you informed on station happenings including fundraisers.  However, these electronic mailing will not happen more frequently than once per month.

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