Aaron Rodgers Makes Incredible Gesture to Green Bay Police Before TNF Game

Aaron Rodgers is a class act through and through.

 Last week, the Green Bay Packers QB found himself in a bit of controversy, as he posted numerous social media posts  supporting his teammates and fellow NFL players who were protesting the National Anthem.  While he didn’t take a knee or sit himself, he did stand with his teammates with arms linked during the Anthem. Now, Rodgers is making sure to let the public know that while he may support those protesting the Anthem, he’s still got love for those in uniform as well.

To prove it, Rodgers took to Twitter to announce that this week, there will be no Rodgers Ticket Hunt, as he has instead elected to give his tickets to police officers from the Green Bay area.

Aaron continues to prove himself to not only be a team leader and great player, but someone who continues to fight for what is right in our country.

Keep on keeping on, Aaron.


To those waiting on the , I gave my tickets this week to police officers from the Green Bay Area. Enjoy the game! #

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